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Poems about being alone!

You left me alone,
It scares me to death,
I value you way to much,
That i cant even rest,
My heart has been shattered,
And i dont need that again,
It hurts so much,
To feel alone,
And only you can change that!

Is like having no where to go!
Is the empty place in my heart!
Is the scarest place i know!
Is right here in the dark

All alone,
I can't sleep,
In my dreams,
Is were i weap,
I  hide my problems,
Day to day!
Im scared of everything,
Thats why i stray!
When no one is near me,
I can't hide my pain,
Of a peer hatred from,
Looking in the mirror!

A Pain
A pain in which most people can not endure,
A pain in which most people fear,
A pain that scares us in our beds,
A pain we cause in our heads,
The thoughts can scares us,
They can hurt us to,
The thought of lonlyness,
I know it scares you too!

Ever been alone?
And just wondered why?
Ever been alone?
And actually looked at the sky?
Its not as beautiful,
As you think it is,
Untill your laying there with out a kiss!
Nothings the same when you have no one,
Nothings as nice when your all alone!

All alone,
In this cold dark world,
Always scared,
Never brave,
It makes me wonder,
Why i havent caved?
Then it dawns on me,
The reason i am here,
Is because your alive!

Thanx for takin the time to read!