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Poems about Faith!

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" Faith"  
I dont know how to say,
This pain i am feeling wont go away,
My pride, my joy,
My little gift,
The one i love,
The one i miss,
My everything,
My little girl,
Something so small,
So fragile n weak,
Something i could never amagine,
Looking up to me,
But she does,
All the time!

Ill always be there,
Ill never be far,
Im trying my best,
But its breaking my heart,
You were taken away,
I could never see,
How much this really hurt me,
I never see you,
I miss you so much,
Your my angel,
Your my baby,
No one knows that your my life!

I miss her,
My heart broken,
I messed up,
I lost her,
She is my baby,
She is my Daughter,
I love her but i dont have her!

I love it when you play,
I love it when you smile,
I love it when you laugh,
Even if its only for a little while,
I love your big blue eyes,
And your silly little screams,
I cant believe all you were at first was just a dream,
But i guess what they say is right,
Dreams do come true,
And that is why i have you!

Precious and loving,
But no one can see,
Beautiful and caring,
Like the deep oceans and seas,
Heart broken but happy,
With a smile on her face,
Broken but peaceful,
Shattered  but strong,
Many different faces,
From a heart broken mom!
My worlds had colided,
And fallin apart,
But there is one thing,
that keeps me smiling an smart,
Its the fact that im a mom,
With a strong will and heart!

Big blue eyes,
Blond little curls,
Beautiful little smile,
My precious baby girl!

Blood curdling noises,
A horable sound,
A mothers pain,
When no one is around,
Her baby is missing,
From her arms,
You see,
But still,
No one makes a sound!
To hear her screams,
They know where her baby is,
The only one that she loves,
She misses her baby's kiss's,
And her loving hug,
Its like a knife,
Cutting threw her heart,
A pain you can't explain,
For the love that still remains,
That no one can replace,
Though they try,
And always cause her to cry,
They were the peopel that were always there,
They fell for each other!

Thanx for takin the time to read!