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POEMS (mixed up )

POEMS (mixed up )

My life
my life is so hard,
more then before,
happyness is everywhere,
the problem i see is that im happy.
with me,
im not use to this,
thats why its so hard,
i want to cry sometimes,
and walk out the door,
I need all my friends,
but there temptation,
and i need security!
i love this feeling,
but how long will it last?
Am i always going to be happy,
or will it all end up in the past?
freedom from my pain,
the way i always felt,
the thoughts of each day,
horably delt!

Hot all over,
Cause of one little thurst,
Imagine the pleasure,
Caused by both of us,
Dirty little thoughts running threw my mind,
If only we could make it gental n kind,
Wet all over,
not only from swet,
I really love when a man makes me wet!
Lying in bed,
with out any clothes,
The feeling is rushing from my head to my toes,
Thoughts of u keep running,
right threw my head,
I love when were lying naked in bed!
Deep inside of me,
is where u wana be,
Just say it baby,
just a little,
"fuck me"

Can you see?
All the fear, thats built up in me?
All the problems my life seaks?
Everything no one can save me from?
I'll bring myself down,

I look into your eyes and i see peace,
Should peace really be found their?
Eyes are comforting,
And beautiful too,
Eyes are what makes a person,
Including me and you,
Your eyes are different,
There colourful but calm,
Diseaving and peaceful,
But all i can see if fun!

Beauty is what everyone see's,
Beauty is what everyone thinks,
Beauty is a facious state of mind,
Beauty makes people comit suicide,
Beauty is the world today,
Beauty is not what i look for in life!

Some people think,
that people who comit suicide,
were to weak to try!
I think that they were strong enough to die!
And maybe were all the weak,
To see the strength that,
we can not beat,
And those people could conquor,
What we could,
Never seak!

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