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Hollys Poems Site

Poems about me!

This is the page where u can read the poems i wrote about myself!

There's only one way,
To loose my pain,
There's only one way,
To stay away,
You need to look,
You need to see,
Im only hiding the real me,
Ive got alot of pain,
If only you knew,
Then maybe someday i can be with you,
But first you need,
To handel me,
First you need,
To make me see,
That you really love me!

"I hate you"
Why am i there toy?
Fuck, you shoudl grow up boy,
You need to find something better to do,
Like i said Fuck all of you,
You treat me like im stupid,
You will pay,
I just want to drown you,
And make you feel my pain,
You are all back stabbers,
You are all 2 faced liars,
Im sick of this shit,
Stop trying to play me for a fool,
Half you guys just sit there n drool,
You all make me feel great,
And then thats when everyone starts to hate,
And if i just curled up and died,
Remember your the reason why!

Whenever i look into the mirror,
Everythign that i see,
Is not everythign that i have wanted to be,
Of course i see the one and only me,
But of course,
Thats what only i can see,
Beautiful but ugly,
Caring but mean,
Weak but strong,
And forever knowing,
Life goes on,
And never ends,
But everytime i see my face,
A sad look that  can not be erased,
From a dreaded place.
Which only i know,
Happy but sad,
Loving but alone,
Nobody knows my heart is made of stone,
I do care for me,
And everything i see,
Dont get me wrong,
I do love me,
Happiness cause by anger,
Gone when its solved,
Peaceful but shattered,
All cause by whats wrong,
I'll open my heart,
And ill let u in,
But if you brake it,
I wont heal again,
I present myself as strong,
but seriuosly im weak,
I have a broken heart,
That i never wanted to seak,
Lonlyness is a pain caused by yourself,
Trust me i know,
Its my living hell,
I need to feel strong,
But i need some support,
Being myself,
Is very hard work!
I've been here before,
Its so hard to leave here again,
Pain is my life,
And all that i know!
Trust me baby,
Its hard to let it go!
One day i will wake up,
And know in my mind!
That everythign i am feeling,
I'll be able to leave it behind!

Falling for all the wrong guys,
How could she be so blind?
Her head,
So full of lies,
The truth she looks to find,
How could she just stand by?
And repeat the same mistakes?
She shoulda have ended it all,
With one last good-bye,
But the wrong desitions,
She continues to make!

 "me 2"
I am pretty,
And i am loved,
Most guys want me,
Im a dream,
A dream i dont want to be,
I hate it,
I am cursed,
You have no clue,
I feel like a hoe,
But im not,
I want to go,
And change my life,
Most people would want this,
Most people would love this,
Its not as grand,
As your think it is,
I take it as a diss,
Fuck man im getting so pissed,
I wish i were ugly,
Do you really want this?

IM not what you think,
IM different from what you see,
My heart is diseaving,
My mind is controlling,
My eyes are misleading,
These are all things,
You will be knowing!
But my promises are,
Everything i am,
Its all just a cover,
From the things that scare me the most,
Everything i know,
Everything i do,
Everything i am,
Is more frightning each day,
Im so scared,
Im so worried,
Im a fool,
Your a great guy,
Dont let me hurt you,
Dont let me lie!

You dont even know,
How can you see?
I cant trust you,
I cant even trust me,
I've been hurt so much,
I cant let it go,
Cause no one knows,
And if they did,
The ones that i love,
Would never have hurt me like this!
You say you care,
But you never show,
The little things mean dick all,
We fight alot,
It never ends,
The pain you cause,
Makes my heart brake again!

Everything is going wrong,
Nothing is going right,
I really dont feel strong,
Everything is a huge fight,
I am so scared,
I feel like i am drifting,
Like im not here anymore,
There have been so many tears,
They have all just rolled down my cheek,
I wish i could stop them,
But i am way to weak!

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